My name is Catalina Delgado, a designer, and entrepreneur, from Pereira, Colombia. Having lived, worked and studied in multiple countries outside of my own, I understand the differences and beauties across cultures and embrace a multicultural work environment.
When it comes to sneakers, I can tell you almost anything you need to know! Much of my free time is spent browsing through some of my favorite sneaker blogs and publications – not only for inspiration ideas but also as the main fuel for my creative project, a sneaker blog made for and by Latinos called “Sneaker Republica.”
Through Sneaker Rep you will find all of my passions mixed into one, that being sneakers, Reggaeton music, Latino style, fashion and the many vibrant sites and sounds of Latin American culture.
If there is one character trait my family has taught me its that I should never not bet on myself. Flaunting my Colombian roots proudly, I aim to make an impact on the Latino American market through thoughtful design and authentic storytelling.
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